Media buying campaigns

Our media plans always manage to take your message farther and to the ears of the audience.

We can support you through the following professional activities:

- market assessments and demographic studies in conception of the media plan (GFK, SNA, ARMA, Alfa Cont);
- identifying the existence of the proposed services and media channels in the market (Rate Cards, special positioning, bonuses);
- preliminary discussions with various media channels for choosing a more profitable and efficient mix;
- development of services, based on the requirements of the clients and selection of an attractive plan in accordance with the brief received;
- determination of key media channels for success (choice of several medias with reasoning for efficiency versus effectiveness);
- Evaluation of consumer potential and competition analysis for positioning of the image or products in the market.

Moto: "We do negotiate TOUGH for our clients, but always correct!".

- Financial budgeting
- Permanent negotiation, partnership agreements with various media
- Acquisition programs, partner identification for broadcast or material production
- Planning and budgeting for integrated campaign and for campaign flights
- Permanent market research for the most advantageous rents of media space.