Media consultancy and research


Because all the media business today requires an approach on several levels, we see that the communication integrated strategies have in content the sales strategies and the consultancy of the business of the clients. Business management and consultancy becomes a priority component of media communication. Thus, companies need to carefully evaluate the market on that their business ideas can be expose, and, moreover, at the client level they need to assess the demand and willingness to pay for these services. Understanding the costs of programming, marketing, media, and developing a strategy for each of these areas of interest is extremely important.

All of these areas are in a close relationship, the link that induces the business profits as global investment demands. Best Advertising is working with its clients to develop a business strategy and a plan that covers all of these areas.

Best Advertising has a vast experience in the successful operation of media affairs. That is why the strategies and the business plans they develop are not far-reaching overall market assessments, but are detailed plans supported by conversations with potential consumers, partners, and media providers.

The proposed financial plans reflect realistically how media budgets work and are designed to deliver customers and business management achievable thresholds of the established goals.


Developing the media plan for strategy deployment includes:

- identifying customer needs and implicitly their current demand, potential prices and market size
- the sources of income and the potential to support the media strategy
- distribution strategies, which may include territorial televisions, national televisions, newspapers, magazines, national and local radio stations, large-scale Internet, mobile telephony, merchandising and others depending on the chosen media project
- broadcasting and acquisition programs, demographic targeting
- types of marketing, measurements, costs
- identification of potential partners
- detailed financial projections resulting from campaign implementation
- integrating the results of operational and strategic analyzes
- clear forecasts, realistic and tailored to the current market situation for each company.